Shoot! Big mess!

This past weekend my sisters and nephews were in town as they boys were finishing up their three weeks at Camp Longhorn. When my San Diego family is in Texas for any amount of time greater than 45 minutes, they must indulge in a Whataburger. Having heard just the word Whataburger over the course of the weekend, and not having patronized a local Whataburger restaurant in a couple years, we decided to go to Whataburger for dinner last night.

Whataburger hamburgers are great; fast food Texas-style burgers with an emphasis on mustard and onions. I opted for the double meat, double cheese bacon jalapeno burger, and just ask my gastro-intestinal system how good THAT was. My cholesterol will whole-heartedly concur.

The best part of dinner wasn’t the food, it was the drive home. Since we were out, indulging in unhealthy fast food, we let Maly have lemonade. Normally she only imbibes in either milk or water for all meals so lemonade was a definite treat.

This is really one of those “you just had to be there” moments. As we were driving home, Maly decided that she wanted to open her Whataburger cup so she could get some ice. We can only speculate as we weren’t actively watching her in her car seat, but we heard the plastic lid pop off the cup and the sound of large chunks of ice clunking against each other, then a split second of silence, and then the sound of ice hitting the car’s ceiling, window, seat and center console. We both knew the cup was empty of most liquid, so the sound of ice being flung about the car was somewhat laughable. But the best part was Maly, in a short, determined and frustrated sputter exclaim, “SHOOT! BIG MESS!”

We think she said “shoot!”

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