6 Replies to “This Texan’s first job at clearing snow”

  1. How is it that you even have a snowblower? Is this Texas? I live north of you by at least 10 miles and I didn’t get that much snow.

  2. You cheated. When we lived in Kentucky and I had to clear the snow, all I had was a little red shovel. You used a powertool. That’s not real work. ;)

    Merry Christmas.

  3. Ha! I wish. This video is stage #1 of blowing off the first 4 inches of snow. There was still 2 inches of ice under that that required the shovel and spade. And then it snowed again last night, so had to get up this morning and do it all over again. Ugh.

  4. Funny.. I always figured that if we ever committed to living further north than Texas, and we bought a house somewhere where it snowed often, we’d install radiant heating beneath the driveway and sidewalks outside our house, just so I wouldn’t have to shovel now in the winter… think there’s a market for radiant heating under concrete?

  5. Let’s see here….what’s more awesome. Using a gas-powered snow blower or wearing those coveralls.

  6. It’s fodder for a new horror flick I’m working on: “The Iowa Snow Blower Massacre”

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