Garage sale post mortem

The garage sale came and wet. Elise and I both work up at 6 a.m. this morning and got to work. We managed to sell 75% of our junk for a cool $300 and the other 4 neighbors did really well as well.

I’ve already managed to spend our “profit” by buying an Ooma, which will save us some cash in monthly phone service fees in a couple months.

3 Replies to “Garage sale post mortem”

  1. I learned of it via The Tech Guy’s Podcast and bought it via so you can buy me dinner. Good plug for your website! ;-) I feel dirty now.

  2. Being a full time student and working 12 hour shift on the weekend I can not attend garage sales. But love bargains :)
    I really like web sites like the free online garage sale where I can find good deals and pick it up when I have time between school and work.


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