Yankee yogurt

Elise is photographing a wedding with Marc tonight at the Barr Mansion (the same spot where we had our wedding reception seven years ago). She left around 4:30 this afternoon which left Maly and me to fend for ourselves.

First we hit Bed Bath & Beyond for a much-needed countertop compost bin (our makeshift tupperware container and plastic wrap is probably what’s drawing the recent roaches in our living room). We found the compost bin really quickly. Since I already had the kid out of the car, I decided to browse a bit. We quickly found ourselves in the candle aisle. We had to smell ALL of the Yankee candles. I’d pull each one from the shelf, remove the glass lid and let Maly smell.

“Hey, Maly! Smell this one. It’s mango salsa scented.”

“Hmmmmmm… yogurt!”

“Oh, and this one, it’s vanilla bean!”

“Hmmmmmm… yogurt!”

“Oooh. I like this one. It’s called ‘beach and sand'”

“Hmmmmmm… yogurt!”

“Awe, you’re going to really like this one. It’s called ‘cupcake’. It’s smells like happy birthday, doesn’t it?!”

“Heh. Yeah. Hmmmmmm. Yogurt!”

“Maly, they’re called C A N D L E S”

“No, daddy. It’s yogurt.”



“Hmmm. This one smells like donkey scrotum!”

“How the hell do you know what donkey scrotum smells like?”

“Shut up and eat your yogurt.”

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