Facebook reunites those we’ve totally forgotten

I received the message below from a former high school underclassman in my Facebook account last night.

“hey man! it’s been a long long time since i’ve even thought about you…no offense. what have you been doing with yourself? what do you do now? married with kids i imagine. hope everything is well with you.”

I’ve thought about replying with:

“Hey, man! Me too; I haven’t thought about you whatsoever in fifteen years… no offense. I’ve been staying pretty busy since resigning as a pediatric neurosurgeon and focusing on my new career as a licensed ninja-for-hire. Yeah, and I’ve got a hot wife who worships the ground I walk on and a two-year-old daughter who’s also a ninja. Probably just as you imagined, because I am pretty awesome, as you know. She and I spend a lot of our spare time practicing our lethal sai skills and throwing shuriken. Life’s been great! You should try throwing shuriken sometime. Throwing shuriken is a lot more fun than Facebook!”

What are your ideas for a funny response that I could send?

Walking man walking

Leg feelin' bedr

I had my final orthopedic appointment this morning with Dr. Savage. The rebellious side of me took the boot off and did away with the crutches last Sunday, the 27th. Today was the day I was supposed to get the okay to walk. I’ve been gingerly walking on both legs since. It’s amazing how such a simple task such as walking it taken for granted.

I got a clean bill of health this morning. Doc said everything looked good as the bone will continue to heal over the coarse of 3 more months. I’m not 100% sure if I’ll actually do this, but I went ahead and asked when I could start jogging/running. He said he wanted me to make sure I could painlessly walk 3 miles before attempting to jog or endure any other high impact activity.

I’m a happy biped again!