A good day in Search Engine Optimization

It’s so awesome when you email your dentist’s receptionist to share recipe ideas and then do a quick Google search for “chicken fried Spam” only to find that you’re ranked right up there with the best of ’em. I am a culinary GOD.

I’ll challenge anybody to the Ultimate Chicken Fried Spam Culinary Competition. That’s how hardcore I am when it comes to chicken fried Spam. I even have a few ideas, one that I’ll even share with you here, that should fry up some inspiration. Spam, wrapped in in a pounded out layer of Snickers, then coated in a thick-shelled layer of Blue Bell Moo-lenium ice cream, then flash-frozen in dry ice, then Shiner Bock beer battered with egg yolks, deep fried in bacon drippings and served topped with chile con queso and sour cream.

That’s hardcore Spam.

And here’s even more on hardcore spam…

[Thanks, John]

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