Remember the movie, “Along Came Polly,” where Ben Stiller’s character, Reuban is a risk analyst with OCD? He’s the guy with a ton of throw pillows on his bed that he puts away every night in his little storage cabinets.

Today’s a lazy Sunday. Maly and I got up this morning, played and it wasn’t until around 11 a.m. that I took a shower. After my shower, I decided to make the bed. We have a sheet, a comforter, a “doo-vay” cover thing (I think that’s what it’s called) and a “throw blanket”. After the half hour that it nearly took me to get all of the mentioned blanket-type things somewhat aligned and spread across the bed, I then put all of the pillows on the bed. And I counted those pillows. Eight pillows. We have eight pillows on our bed. Two of those pillows we actually use.

Eight pillows.

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