The Spacionwagon

I bought Elise a new (to us) crossover on Friday. It’s one of those crossovers that looks like, what I’ve coined as, a “spacionwagon”. It’s the vehicle that if I were in the marketing meeting when they were brainstorming on design names, I would have gleefully chimed in with, “spacionwagon!”, and Paula, the intern, would have said, “how about ‘crossover?’ And I would have then given Paula the evil eye and would no longer say hello to her in the breakroom.

The Spacionwagon is the stationwagon of the future — you know, like from outer space. I always laughed at them and their bubbly form in the past. And now we’re proud owners of one. I do have to admit, however, it’s a pretty sweet ride and I’m sure Elise and Maly will enjoy it.

I had the luxury of driving Elise’s newly purchased vehicle home from the dealer on Friday night. I reveled in the style and handling. I was alone on the road with Elise and Maly miles behind me in our soon-to-be sold SUV.

In one of many quiet moments, I remembered something my Dad once said. It was at some point in the late 80’s when Dad commented on the then-influx of minivans. He said, “The more of those things they make, the more they look like suppositories.”

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