Quick Christmas dessert ideas

Tonight Elise made a Paula Dean inspired cheese fudge (yeah, that’s what I thought… but it’s actually GOOD!) Elise pounded the fudge into a baking dish and then I drizzled it with melted caramel and white chocolate. We’ll wait to see how it turns out tomorrow.

Last night I made eggnog for Mom and Elise (complete with whiskey). I’m not an eggnog guy. But just to make sure I didn’t completely spike Mom and El’s drinks, I sampled Elise’s. Yeah, I still don’t like eggnog. But I immediately realized a cooking idea: Southern Comfort eggnog brûlée.

So, quick tips for Christmas hits: Cheese fudge and SoCo eggnog brûlée requires 1) An oven 2) eggnog and 3) egg yolks. You’ll have to ask if you want to know how to cook the brûlée! ;-)

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Y’all should try Paula Deen’s “Not Your Momma’s Banana Pudding”. I made it for the 1st time this Christmas. It is ridiculous how good it is! So rich and decadent; hard to believe it is banana pudding. It is also easy to make! I saw Paula make the cheese fudge on a Food Network Iron Chef Challenge. Looked good & she won so it must be good.

    Hope all is well!

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