Neighborly comfort food

Elise, Maly and I went over to the Fenders last night for dinner. Julie made her family recipe tacos. When Elise told me on Tuesday that we were having tacos at the Fender’s house on Thursday night, I thought it was going to be simple store-bought taco shells with ground beef, and all the extras. By the time I got home from work and walked two houses down, Julie was in the kitchen making tacos on a flat top grill.

Rob and I got to talking shop and playing with the kids. Soon enough, it was time for dinner. I neglected to poke my head into the kitchen or over Julie’s shoulder to see what she was doing. And I’m glad I didn’t. Just between Rob and myself, we probably put back 20 tacos. I have a new favorite food: Julie’s tacos. She used corn tortillas and lightly sauteed them with the meat and cheese so the shells were soft and the insides were gooey and meaty. Definitely a new-found comfort food. It’s right up there with Mom’s steak sandwiches and Elise’s tuna fish sandwiches.

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