Day three sans Mama

Elise has been in Vegas, partying it up with her friends since Sunday. My mom came up to stay with Maly and me on Saturday. Every morning Maly calls for “Mama, Mama?!” To which we both have to assure her that Mama is coming back. One day. We hope.

It’s interesting to experience how much Maly has changed without her mom around. She’s pushing buttons that have never been pushed before. And I’m sure it’s much harder for my mom during the day while I’m at work. Maly really misses her Mama, and it’s kind of sad to see her miss her mom so much and the emotional toll it’s taking on her. My mom has taken on that maternal replacement roll because of that whole maternal thing, which leaves me to scratch my head and kind of take a back seat while I try to make fire with dried out Christmas tree limbs.

Hopefully I can set something in the living room on fire soon enough to distract Maly from the lack of Mama-ness.

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