Praiseuth goeth unto the DreamHost .snapshotuth

I was catching up on Julie’s blog last night and starting leaving a comment on one of her posts. As I was doing so, I was distracted by my old account settings. I started clicking around blindly… yadah yadah, I set my index.php file to overwrite my index.php file (I got about that far into the conversation with Elise tonight as to why has been down for 24 hours when she said, “uhhmmm, yeah, I think we’re done with this conversation).

So, the website was down last night and all day today. I don’t really remember where I changed the settings in my old account nor what I might have clicked on. So I sent an email to DreamHost support last night stating that, “I did something to break the Internet”. To which they replied, “Josh, we have contacted Al Gore directly and he is personally looking into this issue. If you’re unable to write a newsletter on your website to your daughter in two weeks, the cow farts will have won. And we can’t have that. We’ll fix the Internet!”

So I figured everything out tonight. I had, in fact, broken the Internet. And because of this, you should be receiving emails shortly informing you that your pocket python is now of satisfactory length and dexterity AND that I HAVE AM HEREBY CONTACTING YOU TO URGENTLY TO INQUIRE ABOUT AN OFFICIAL PRIVATE AND TRUSTWORTHY BUSINESS TRANSACTION BETWEEN YOURSELF AND MYSELF is a DONE DEAL!!! We’ll all be getting our payouts next week! Via PAYpaL! Click Here: (IT Is good link. Trust me. It seccured.)

The Internet has broken in the past. And I fixed it. Now the Internet can be fixed even faster and easier because DreamHost allows for faster and easier Internet fixing.

You can now return to whatever it was that you were doing. We’re fine here now.

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