What would have otherwised proved to have been painful

If I don’t check our mailbox at least every other day, we can’t even get into the mailbox due to the influx of junk mail and catalogs. I decided to tackle the former this evening. I prepared myself to speak with an array of disgruntled call center employees but to my surprise, every single customer service representative I spoke to was gleefully full of figgy pudding.

Tonight I unsubscribed from the following mail order catalogs…

  • Norm Thompson: I’ve never heard of nor have ever purchased from this company
  • Brookstone: I go there whenever I go to the mall so I can stay up-to-date on calf messaging technology and solar-powered robot vacuum cleaning coin counters
  • 4 Wheel Parts: We put a lift kit and big wheels on the Jeep a few years ago when we were younger and without child. If I need to put 38″ Comp Xtreme ATX Mud Annihilators and a 6 HP winch on a minivan, I’ll know where to go.
  • Harry & David: Fruit baskets, hams, candy assortments. All ChristmasHoliday stuff.
  • Tuttle: I’m not paying $39 for a pair of Italian cashmere herringbone socks. They won’t go well with my flip-flops.
  • L.L. Bean: I’d rather see a hip-hop duet with LL Cool J and Mr. Bean
  • Sahalie: No clue.

But the best part was talking to the nice folks on the other end of the phone. They were genuinely polite and friendly. And the funny thing is while I was searching for catalog codes and customer IDs, I would find items that I liked in the catalogs.

So I shouldn’t be getting anymore catalogs from these companies, but I’m really looking forward to getting my Revolutionary Self Propelling Tempur-Pedic house slippers with the built-in ViAir gauge and compressor!

And I can’t wait to pry the mail out of the mailbox tomorrow evening so I can call more folks tomorrow!

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