Dinner with Mom

Sunday would have been Mom & Dad’s 36th anniversary. We had Mom come up for the weekend.

The Thursday prior my brothers-in-law, Ron and Craig flew into Austin from San Diego as they were to meet my sisters on Friday in Horseshoe Bay to pick up my nephews from Camp Longhorn. Ron, Craig, Elise and I had a few drinks and talked until it was time for bed. We had a really good time and it was a blast to have an impromptu bachelor’s night (Elise counted as ‘one of the guys’ that night).

When I got home from work on Friday, Mom was here playing with Maly. Elise was babysitting for Marc and Cyndi at their house. I went to Double Daves for pizza for Mom, Maly and me. Adrian came over around 11 p.m., after he’d finished a day of working on a new album here in south Austin. Elise got home close to midnight and we all stayed up until 1 a.m. talking.

On Saturday we went to my company’s summer picnic at Zilker Park where it was humid and hot as hell. Maly had a great time playing with the other kids and chasing dogs. That evening we just relaxed at the house.

On Sunday we loaded up and headed out to Horseshoe Bay to spend the day with my sisters, bros-in-law, nephews and uncle Jerry and aunt Linda. We went out on the boat and pulled Lisa, Elise and my nephews on the inner tube. It was also Maly’s first time on a boat and she took very nicely to it. In fact, she leaned over at one point and whispered into my ear, “Daddy, you should really consider getting us a boat. Think of it as an investment in fun and ohhh the fun we would have!”

We docked at the lakehouse and went inside for burgers that Jerry cooked. After lunch Linda took us all to see their newly purchased 6,000 square foot other vacation home. It was then that I decided that I should think about becoming Jerry’s page. Or home network administrator. Or lawn boy.

5:30 came quickly and we needed to head out to make it to dinner at 6:30. We said our goodbyes to everyone and headed back east to Lakeway. To commemorate Mom and Dad’s anniversary we took Mom to Hudson’s on the Bend. It’s my favorite restaurant and a restaurant that I’ve always wanted to take my parents to. I had planned on taking them to Hudson’s for their anniversary this year. I hadn’t planned on my Dad dying in September. Mom really enjoyed our dinner. Maly as always was our little joy and distraction.

Smoked Duck Diablos – duck breast, jicama, jalapeno, figs in balsamic wrapped in apple wood bacon served with red chile glaze

Mom had the Guajillo Crusted Pan-seared Snapper topped with scallop, shrimp, crab with cilantro lime beurre blanc.

Elise had the Grilled Axis Venison Chops with butter poached Maine lobster with grilled peaches stuffed with Pure Luck goat cheese, habanero honey and peach beurre blanc.

I had the Open Fired Grilled Prime Tenderloin with herb butter grilled lobster served with jalapeno hollandaise and a zinfandel glaze.

Dinner was great. It would have been perfect with Dad. My mom is an amazing and strong woman and I am very inspired by her. I’m glad that she was with us for her and Dad’s anniversary.

I’m happy that they had almost 36 years together as husband and wife. I’m proud that they were truly happy together and that they worked together to make their lives successful. I’m enlightened that death separated them physically. I’m proud that even though he’s not here, I still learn things from my Dad every day. And I’m thankful that I am my parents’ son.

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  1. Great entry. Well written and above all, very touching and honest.

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