Festivus Holidaum Roundupus

This past weekend was spent getting the house in order for company. We hit the HoPot and picked up baseboards for the bathrooms that we recently had tiled and mulch for the landscaping extension we did in the garden. On Saturday we worked in the yard and on Sunday I measured and cut all of the baseboards.

Maly and I split up from Elise and instead of roaming the store, we nestled into a nice outdoor living room couch. Elise soon found us and it was at that point where I pointed out that this outdoor living room furniture would be nice for our deck. Elise was quick to shoot down my idea.

Later that evening we were working in the backyard. Yours truly was spreading mulch in the garden and Elise was hosing off the deck. She then decided that she did like the deck furniture. With zero arm twisting she went back to the HoPot to buy the furniture but they were closed by the time she got there.

So on Monday Rob and I went to pick up the furniture.

On Tuesday Elise picked Heather and Juliet up from the airport for their annual visit to Austin. I came home from work and spent 3 hours putting together patio furniture.

The girls went to the grocery store just as I was finishing up with the furniture to buy groceries for our 4th of July get-together. When they got back, we all hung out on the deck on the new furniture until midnight or so.

Wednesday morning we got up and headed over to the Circle C July 4th Parade and got drizzled on (Central Texas has been subjected to a ton of rain this summer).

We came home and hung around the house and played with Maly and Juliet. Heather’s friend/ex-boyfriend, Randy drove down from Dallas to spend the 4th with us. Later in the afternoon, John, Christine, Jack and Grayson came over and then Rob, Julie, Luke and Jadon walked over.

The guys and I grilled fajitas and the girls fixed all the sides in the kitchen.

We all gorged ourselves and then watched the kids play in the inflatable pool. Yeah, we roll like that. But we all had a really great time.

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