Life of Riley

This video really means something to us.  We thought we were going to have to put Riley down this week.  He slept in the garage on Friday night and when he came into the house on Saturday morning, he just wasn’t the same.  He’s been really sick since then and hasn’t eaten much of anything.

A lot of money later, a trip to the emergency vet on Sunday night, two trips to the vet, X-rays, bacterial tests, poking, prodding, force-feeding a cat that looked like he was on the verge of death and finally a penicillin shot today.  He’s looking like he’s on the road to recovery.  It still might be a long road ahead of us…

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  1. I know how hard that must be for you guys, but I’m glad to see him up and moving around. My sister works for a GREAT vet. He is awsome! Saved scoobys life plenty of times. So, If you find your not getting what you want from your vet, let me know. I’ll hook yall up!!

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