Neck cracking no more

My mother-in-law called me out on cracking my neck. It’s really cool, the way I do it. I just jerk my head to either side and am relieved by the sound a feeling of the “krrrkkk, grrrkk, grkk” in the back of my neck. But she pointed out that a 27-year-old coworker of hers suffered from a fake aneurysm because he damaged his artery by cracking his neck. I would suspect this would be from a build-up of scar tissue.

She sent me this article late this afternoon and I promised her that I would make a conscious effort to cease any and all cracking of my neck. At 11:39 p.m. tonight I subconsciously cracked my neck but immediately caught it. I was too late, but at least I realized that I did it. Now, how do I break myself of habit that I’ve owned for 10+ years?!?!

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