New Year Roundup

Instead of watching bowl games on TV New Years Eve, Elise and I were in the master bathroom, pulling wallpaper. There’s only one thing more fun than pulling wallpaper and that’s getting two root canals simultaneously.  By Monday night we had all of the wallpaper removed and surprisingly, my teeth felt fine.

The week flew by and Friday was quickly upon us.  Friday night started with meeting for drinks and dinner at Brentwood Tavern.  Saturday morning Elise and Christine went to our neighbor’s house for scrapbooking which, in my book, is right up there with root canals and pulling wallpaper.  Maly and I spent the better part of the day together playing and getting my iBook set to send to Elise’s parents.

Perhaps I did the Zombie Eater wrong in a previous life because while Elise was away, Maly thought it would be cool to poop every half hour or so.  In case you don’t know me, I DO NOT deal well with miniature human feces.  Or any other feces for that matter.  The advice rendered while Elise was pregnant was, “Oh, if it’s your own kid, you won’t mind poopie diapers.”  To that I say bolshy yarblockos!

Late Saturday afternoon we went to the ol’ HoPot and ordered tile for our two bathrooms.  That night I went to the Apple Bar to meet my friend David and bid him farewell as he’s moving to DC later this month.

This morning we woke up and spent the better part of the day taking down Christmas lights and decorations.  We went for lunch at Madam Mam’s and then home to finish closing out the Christmas season.

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