Proof that Austin is one of the fittest cities

I was scrolling through the iPhoto library on my computer this evening and stopped to look at a photo of the sauder desk that my parents gave to me as a present while I was still in college. It was a great desk that stuck around for years.

Six or so years ago Elise and I decided to move in with one another.  We moved from our one bedroom apartments to a larger, two bedroom unit within the same apartment complex.  That sauder desk was one of the heaviest and most awkward pieces of furniture I owned and one of the most complicated to take apart.  Instead of disassembling the desk, I decided that it would be most efficient to angle it and squeeze it through the door, down three flights of stairs and to the other side of the complex to our new apartment.

It was an interesting site to see; us pushing a sauder desk with little plastic wheels a quarter mile though a poorly paved apartment complex parking lot.

Halfway to our new apartment we came upon a man who was walking to his car.  He looked at us, smiled and pointed and said, “Hey! You guys movin’?”

“Nope.  Just taking our desk for a walk!”

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  1. I heard something over the weekend that was kind of suprising. Houston does not have a Gold’s Gym. That’s a pretty big freaking place not to have one. Austin has 11 Gold’s Gyms, going on 12.

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