Life’s been difficult as of late. This time of downtroddenness was spurred on Father’s Day when I stepped on a scale for the first time in many many months. I weigh more now than I have ever weighed in my life. This weight increase is not from newly acquired solid muscle mass – It’s more like many loose masses that I can feel jiggle whenever I find it absolutely necessary to jog to the pantry to get more snacky cakes and fried puffs of cheese.

We concluded that we need to watch what we eat and have been going about our new diet very half-assed. Last week Elise cooked a delightful and very healthy blackened Cajun talapia with a radish, cilantro and pepper salsa and a side of fresh pineapple. We then drove to the grocery store and pushed Maly around in a shopping cart and mesmerized ourselves by our sleeping baby as we pushed the cart down all of the aisles and eventually to the cash register and then out to the truck. We both laughed when we realized we left our bag of goods in the store. Elise went back into the store.

“We left our bag of groceries at the cash register. We had, um, the bag with Twizzlers, Jolly Ranchers, gummi bears and the Weight Watchers ice cream.”

Dieting is sooo 2003.

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