Call Child Protective Services

In an effort to keep Maly from slicing her face open or scraping out an eyeball, I try to keep her fingernails trimmed down.

Last night she was fidgety and I was rushing as I thought of myself as a seasoned baby nail trimmer since I’ve performed this duty a whole two times previously.

Her entire body jerked when the flesh on her thumb was bitten through by the clippers. She screamed. Elise shreaked. Tears immediately poured from my daughter’s eyes and the look on her face said nothing other than, “Why would you ever want to hurt me, Daddy?”

There’s gotta be some kind of award for this.

3 Replies to “Call Child Protective Services”

  1. Josh, every couple of days Kerry and I have to deal with the same problem of cutting Jack’s nails. I’m convinced I nip off a little bit of his fingers each time.

  2. Dear one, my hot shot, you are one of the warmest souls I know.
    Even though Maly is short a few drops of a life source, she will not suffer as much as you as the loss of a bit of skin from an innocent clip of the clippers on the fingernail. Be proud of your feeling of your litte one and cherish the warmth that comes from love of other.

  3. The key to this, I have learned, is to do it while they are sleeping or zoned out to Baby Einstien. As soon as Jack jerks the slightest bit I put the clippers away and try again later.

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