The baby shower

Friends threw a baby shower for Elise this past Sunday. There were tea, flowers, snacks, ooohs, ahhhhs, coos, giggles and hormones, as some reports indicate. Elise can fill you in on the details after she’s finished sending out the Christmas cards.

Elise’s parents are in town from Des Moines. They came so Joanne could attend the shower and so she and Steve could help us work on the baby’s room. My parents also came into town for the shower and to help.

The men stayed back on Sunday and glued hardwood flooring in the baby’s room. Installing hardwood floor is fun and if I could do it for a living, I would. Right after my career stint as a chicken separator operator.

The women came home from the shower and with them they brought into the house all the various baby products that are deemed absolutely necessary by the National Consumer Council in order to wipe the baby’s hind side properly, sanitize the baby, defrost the baby and get more miles to the gallon from the baby. I am certain that these various items will allow our first-born to grow up happy and never know the dangers of mechanically separated chickens. I am also certain that the world is quickly beginning to slow its revolution around TiVo’d episodes of “Cops” and more around a little human who will one day refer to his dad to his friends as “that asshole”.

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