Austin Project

Very cool. A revolution! I’m looking forward to hearing the ad.

Lobby4Linux, in cooperation with and featuring PclinuxOS; announce the first commercial advertising effort for the Linux Operating System. We will advertise a free system, not the boxed-sets for SUSE or RedHat you see on CompUSA shelves. The residents of Austin Texas will soon hear of Linux on their radio stations. For six days a week, two to three times a day and for 24 days, Linux will become a “known” product via a professional 30 second radio advertisement. According to hundreds of responses to a recent Lobby4Linux blog of helios, it is an effort well past its time.

“The Austin Project” will bring Linux into the light of day for thousands…possibly tens of thousands. Those who believe that Microsoft Windows is their only choice will soon know better. This is the day Microsoft did not want to come. The day the Linux Community took it upon themselves to give the world Linux. It only begins in Austin Texas….where it goes from there is up to us. Next will be the Boise Project, then The Denver Project. Austin…? This is simply the first step of a journey…the first shot fired in a long war. There is no other way to make it happen. Business for the most part has ignored us. We must make this happen for ourselves. Folks in other cities and countries need to be planning ahead and deciding who will pick up the ball once we score in Austin. Until this project takes root, one project at a time should run. Cities competing with each other will only dampen our efforts.

I would love to learn more about Linux. I would like to keep a PC in the home office running something other than Windows. I tried Linux over three years ago but was turned off when I couldn’t get online, print or find any peripherals. I hope these guys do something great for “the rest of us” without us having to RTFM.

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  1. I am the guy that put this together and wrote the article. A Revolution? Why, I imagine it is one of sorts. Now we will find out just how many “freedom fighters” the linux community has. I know there are many quitters…the blog response is full of those…however those who are ready to stand up and do this are many more in number.

    So who’s in here?


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