An adult living by adult rules

I will preface this by letting you all know that I was recently inteviewed by a writer from one of those big pregnancy websites regarding cooking and eating healthily during pregnancy.

At last night’s Christmas party, Elise ate cheese and crackers and an assortment of fresh fruits. I ate breaded stuffed mushrooms, chicken quesadillas and miniature open faced roast beef sandwiches with greasy cheese.

Elise had long since left for work by the time I rolled out of bed this morning and knowing her, she had some fresh fruits and grains for breakfast. I made myself a jalapeno cheeseburger for breakfast. I put it on whole wheat pita bread because that was the healthy thing to do. For lunch a couple hours later I had half a bag of Fruit Bowl Jelly Belly Jelly Beans and a Shiner Bock.

My kid is going to love me.

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