Clunky interface

My brother-in-law flew in from Des Moines this past Monday to spend Thursday Thanksgiving with my family and then to drive up with us to Okeene, Oklahoma for the annual Boeckman Saturday Thanksgiving. Eric brought his new Samsung a950 wireless phone and wanted me to show him how to load it up with MP3s. Talk about a tedious and clunky process.

We had to put the TransFlash card in its card adapter and then into the two-piece USB adapter and transfer MP3 files from my hard drive to the card adapter. Most of my audio files are MP4s so I then had to convert them to MP3s. Getting 100 songs for Eric took over two hours. This is such a horrible interface both in the software and the hardware. After all that work, I gave Eric an extensive demonstration of my iPod…

Clunky MP3 cell phone

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