Long time friends and new neighbors

We just got word that our good friends, Doug and Marcia’s offer was accepted on a house a few blocks away. Doug is one of my closest friends from the good old days when we ran banquets at the country club. Doug left the club to go to law school in 1999. After graduating, he and Marcia lived in North Carolina for a few years. Doug happened upon a great opportunity here in Austin, recently passed the Texas bar exam, accepted the job offer and now they will both be moving back next month.

What’s funny is that the very first house that Elise and I tried to buy is on the same street that Doug and Marcia’s house is on. Another great thing is that Marcia is pregnant and due in February. Elise is due in April. So we’ll have friends within walking distance who will also have a newborn. That means the girls can go walking with strollers and talk about things like “lactating” and “onesies” and Doug and I can stand the driveway, drinks in hand and talk about lawn fertilizer and pressure treated lumber.

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