Frugal a lot

My dad, mom, brother and Elise congregated in my parents’ hotel room on Wednesday night while we were all out on a short trip to Pahrump. We talked about all sorts of things over the course of a few hours. One topic was computers and operating systems.

My dad expressed his opinions on computers based on my mom’s ongoing battles with hardware upgrades and system crashes. I chimed in and said that I haven’t had to do anything to my iBook. It’s never really crashed (by Windows standards) and overall, I’ve been really happy with OS X. Dad went on to say, “You know, Don (a longtime friend of the family) has always been into Apple computers. He always told me how easy they were to use. Maybe if we would have paid more attention to Apple, I’d be more interested in computers.”

He then went on to tell us how mom spends days on end working on her computer and how she’s always having to go out and buy a new part or an upgrade.

Mom defended herself by saying, “Oh, I do not!”

To which dad responded, “Oh yes you do! I’ve sat there and watched you work on one thing for three days straight only to have it not work the way you intended. And you’re always on the web needing to buy something new for one of your projects”

Mom retorted, “But at least I’m frugal”

Dad chuckled, “Yeah, but you’re frugal A LOT!”

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