Shopping a computer for work

Ever since buying my first iPod over two years ago I’ve been a big fan of Apple Computers (I have some old photos circa ’86 that my Mom scanned and e-mailed and I’m still looking for the one of me sitting in front of our first computer, an Apple IIGS Woz).

Shortly after buying that iPod I purchased stock in Apple. Since then I’ve made a nice chunk of change ($21/share back then). I like to keep up-to-date on new products from Apple because 1) I’m a consumer and 2) because I’m an investor.

I was excited when Apple invited the press for the recent “One more thing…” Special Event. All speculations were on a video iPod, which they announced. Cool, but I don’t really want or need a video iPod. Also announced was the new iMac. I read about it and wasn’t really impressed until I watched Steve Jobs’ keynote speech. I don’t care who you are, that’s a fun computer right there.

A few weeks ago I told my office manager that I was thinking about getting a new computer. I currently use a three-year-old Dell that is crapping out on me. Outlook does not work anymore no matter what I try (I’ve since switched to Thunderbird for work e-mail). Word opens when it wants to. I can no longer print PDFs for whatever reasons. Those crucial work-related applications that don’t work aside, my computer is now painfully slow. Keep in mind that I am anal about keeping my work PC in tip-top shape. I defrag and clean my drive regularly. I meticulously run antispyware scans and keep everything organized and “clean” overall. But to no avail. I don’t have time to troubleshoot anymore. I run a business. I’m busy and need a reliable computer for work.

So my office manager told me to buy a new computer. She understands listens to my nerdiness. I told her I was going to wait until October 12 to see what Apple was coming out with. I read about the new iMac and even though not thoroughly impressed, I showed my OM the iMac webpage. Prior to that I shopped the Mac mini as I’m seriously considering getting a Mac for my work computer (I’m really iffy about the hefty investment in an iMac [and what my boss would say]). After showing my OM the price for the iMac she responded, “Oh, wow! That’s not that bad!”

Wow! I’m on the fence. Maybe I should fall off the fence and land on the side that I know will still work in three years (and get a photo on the way to that other side!)…

Friday morning update: I got to work this morning and tried to print a shipping label.

Can't print

Hmmm… So I tried printing a test sheet from Notepad.

Can't print

Ahhh… yes, the RPC server. What the hell is the RPC server?

If my fist manages to make it through the day without going through my monitor it will be a good one.

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