Kidney down and uninsurable

Elise has a really bad kidney infection (it might just be a urinary tract infection). She’s had them in the past but this one is the big daddy. This one has her out for the count. She had to leave work early today to come home to lay down. In the eight years that I’ve known Elise I think she’s missed two days of work due to being sick.

I stopped at Central Market on my home from work today so I could buy her a bottle of pure cranberry juice. She’s laying relatively flat and comfortable on the couch right now. She’s still in a lot of pain and is hoping it will go away on its own before her doctors appointment tomorrow afternoon.

To add insult to injury I got a letter from Humana today. I’m not insurable because I’m an expectant parent. Me. The father.

So when we have our child, will I be uninsurable because I’m a parent? Will the auto insurance company call and tell me I can’t have insurance because I have a car? Then what? A dropped homeowner’s policy because I have a house?

I never really paid attention during political debates when the topic was healthcare and insurance. I will now.

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  1. I just ran into a good one with our home insurance. It seems that the standard home insurance policy in the good old state of Texas does not cover any leak below the surface of your floor. We sprung a leak in one of our hot water lines and found out that insurance does not cover any slab leaks. They also don’t cover any leaks of any pipes leading away from the house (I decided to actually read some of the policy details). So if your sewer pipe clogs and blows up, you really are S.O.L. Actually the leaks they do cover are fairly limited. Better if you just don’t have any.

    Maybe it’s just my company (Farmers) but the insurance guy said it’s a standard Texas policy and I’ve heard similar things from other folks since. It was all amendments to our original policy a couple years ago. I think it was fallout from all the mold cases that were running rampant in the state.

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