Important to do list

I have to keep lists for myself. I’m pretty good about keeping a mental list but I usually write things down for safe keeping and so I can actually scratch something off of my list. I really like my Ta-da List but I find myself using that for personal “honey-do” projects that are usually reserved for weekends. Most always I have a peice of paper in my left front pocket. I might need to run over to HoPot and I can’t call up my Ta-da List there.

This was on my tangible list today:

    Test setting up a client pharmacy domain in Plesk
    Determine if there is a RDA for Choline
    Pick socks up off floor in bedroom
    Cat puke

Well I’m here to tell you that I found time to clean cat puke but not time to set up a client test domain. I’m a family man – family comes first. ;-)

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