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Ever since returning from Cabo I’ve tried to maintain the “no worries” mantra. It really sucks to come home to anti-Bush bumper stickers, road rage, death in the news, a war, money, radio and everything else that we subconciously hyper-consume on a daily basis.

I spend a lot of time on the road. I used to think I liked listening to talk radio in the mornings. Not NPR. NPR is depressing. I used to channel flip between Austin’s KLBJ-FM Dudley & Bob show and the syndicated Howard Stern show. The Dudley & Bob show is sophomoric and to the best of my knowledge is the only “funny” local morning talk show. I listen more to Stern now because when you get past the boob and ass bits, I think he can be funny at times. But most of the time I have talk radio on for noise. Half the time I’m not really even listening.

Enter Podcasts. I read about Podcasts when they started gaining popularity and you could subscribe to them with your RSS Podcast applications. I downloaded a couple of them and gained no interest. Podcasts are modern day’s pirate radio. Most are not much unlike watching cable access – geared towards a very limited audience and generally very badly produced (I’m not complaining – I know if I tried to produce a Podcast, it would be terrible). We can all now subscribe to Podcasts from the iTunes Music Store. Last month I subscribed to a few new Podcasts to see if I could actually find a few that I would actually enjoy. After returning from Cabo I wanted to stay in that paradise state of mind so I subscribed to shows like HawaiiUp and Beach Talk for my commutes to and from work. They just couldn’t hold my interest.

So I don’t feel much like subscribing to Podcasts anymore. If anyone knows my sense of humor and personality and know of a Podcast that I might like, let me know.

Yesterday I received an e-mail from David Sadof. David had a weekly talk show on KLOL in Houston that I used to listen to religiously. He e-mailed me to let me know that he was back on the airwaves in Houston. Well, I live in Austin so I can’t really listen to him. I wrote him back and asked if he thought about producing a Podcast. He said he hadn’t fully researched it but apparently it’s being considered. That would be very cool – I would definitely subscribe to his Podcast.

An interesting thing about David Sadof: He was the first to interview Eddie Vedder about the meaning of Pearl Jam’s song “Jeremy“.

So I would subscribe to Sadof’s Podcast (hint hint). If they were still around, I would subscribe to the Stevens & Pruett Podcast. Funny, both are out of Houston. Austin needs something. Maybe I’ll start my own Podcast.

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  1. It’s RadioTime
    Prompted by my buddy Josh’s latest lament on the failings of Podcasting (and radio in Austin, for him), I figured I’d write up my feelings about Podcasting, and a cool little tool I’ve found that I think will help my iPod serve me better.

    I too d…

  2. It’s been 10 years, but I now have a radio station you can listen to anywhere on the planet, provided you can connect to the internet or get a wi-fi signal. I’ve launched Exposure with David Sadof as a 24/7 digital radio station. At you’ll find links to listen on your computer or any mobile device.

    10 years ago, you said you would subscribe to my podcast. I hope you will listen to my station and invite others to do the same. Thank you for your support!

    – David Sadof

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