The start of the Vegas Business Vacation

Elise and I are embarking on a business trip to Las Vegas. We are attending the AmerisourceBergen National Healthcare Conference and Exposition. We started out late (go figure). I had a stressful day at work which had me burning at both ends all day trying to get things ready for the trip.

Elise and I finally headed toward the airport at 7:30 to meet Kevin and Amy at the airport at 8. We opted to park in remote parking. Luckily there aren’t many travelers on this particular Tuesday.

Since airport security is heightened now, it took us a good 15 minutes to get through security. Alone. Elise and I were the only people going through security at this point. And my lovely wife decided to bring her heirloom cuticle clippers. They handcuffed her, stripped her of her of all but her skivvies, aimed an AK-47 at her head and husky girl with a cigarette dangling from her lips gave the scene a thumbs up.

Elise didn’t want to part with her cuticle clippers. She reorganized her carry-on luggage and left me with an exposed laptop, power adapter and all of her work notes and clipboards as well as my iBook in its bag and my backpack full of tampons and shoes (I love being married) while she walked 12 miles to the other side of the terminal to check her laptop bag that now contains her cuticle clippers.

I’m sitting here at the gate waiting on the plane, the wife, my boss and contemplating lighting up one of these tampons.

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  1. Don’t they have some sort of “mail-back” program now so you can ship your contraband to yourself? Must have seen it at a different airport.

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