Deck rafters

Deck with rafters

I’ve slowly been progressing with the deck. Earlier this week Elise’s friends, Heather and Lindsey called and said they were going to road trip down from Des Moines to Austin for the week of the 4th.

That prompted me to get the deck done so our guests could enjoy hanging out in the back yard. All that was really left to do to finalize the fruition of my design was to hang the rafters. I drove over to the ol’ HoPot yesterday evening and bought 20 14-foot 2×6’s and loaded them onto my truck. The men that were loading their trucks in the contractor’s delivery area of the HoPot were laughing at me. It was a funny scene.

So I went home and starting hanging rafters. It was exhausting work but I’m glad I’m done for now. The rafters haven’t been screwed down yet so I’m hoping California doesn’t sink and cause the rest of the states to lean and my rafters slide off and kill a possum.

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