I\’m thinking of a cutting board

1. It is classified as Other.
2. Is it used for entertainment? Doubtful.
3. Does it have a hard outer shell? Yes.
4. Does it break if dropped? No.
5. Is it a synthetic material? No.
6. Do you clean it regularly? Yes.
7. Can you put something into it? No.
8. Is it smaller than a golf ball? Depends.
9. Do you hold it when you use it? Maybe.
10. Can it be chewed? Rarely.
11. Is it smaller than a loaf of bread? Sometimes.
12. Does it have a handle? Depends.
13. Is it made of metal? Maybe.
14. Can it fit in an envelope? Depends.
15. Can you use it at school? Maybe.
16. Is it a common household object? Yes.
17. Do you use it at night? Sometimes.
18. Does it usually have four corners? Usually.
19. Is it found in a bathroom? Doubtful.
20. I guess that it is a table? Close.
21. Can it be stolen? Yes.
22. Do you use it at work? Depends.
23. Would you use it in the dark? Doubtful.
24. Is it brown? Depends.
25. Can you open it? No.
26. Is it small? Depends.
27. Does it have legs? Rarely.
28. Does it get wet? Sometimes.

Q29. I am guessing that it is a cutting board?

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