Mother\’s Day wrap-up

We drove to Cat Spring to spend Mother’s Day weekend with my parents. We got to their house around 8, Elise and I ate dinner, talked to my parents for a while and then watched “Supersize Me”.

On Saturday Dad and I ripped the frame off of the compost pile and spread compost throughout the garden. Mom and Elise stuck their asses in the air practiced Hatha Yoga.

Mom & Elise doing Hatha Yoga

Later that afternoon we drove into Katy so we could shop mountain bikes. Elise and I revisited our differences in bicycle criteria. That’s French for “we had an argument”. Elise thinks I should own a bicycle that will allow me to gently traverse the marshmallowy terrain of Nerfland. I need a bike that’s fireproof, bulletproof, can take a 10 foot straight drop with a rider, a missle launcher, dual intake jet boosters, a sno cone machine and a whammy bar. Really I just want the current version of my old bike, a Specialized Hardrock. It was a great bike and I liked how it rode.

Our disagreement was relatively short lived and the four of us soon found ourselves browsing the aisles at Specs. I picked up a couple bottles of scotch with my new Specs membership for $3 less than I normally pay. Mom got a bottle of her spiced rum. While there I also picked up a couple filets of ostrich. Specs is a really cool gourmet spot that will be in Austin soon (so I was told by the cashier).

We stopped in Sealy on the way home and picked up 16 peice box of fried chicken at Hartz. I hate the Hartz Mountain Corp. but love Hartz Chicken. It’s comfort food from my days as a kid growing up in Houston.

We went home, ate greasy fried chicken and then watched the “Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again” on DVD. Mom and dad went to bed after the movie and Elise and I stayed up and watched SNL.

We slept in on Sunday. I got up and cooked Ostrich Diablos – Hickory smoked ostrich filets wrapped in maple smoked bacon with red D’Anjou pear, jalapeno and mom & dad’s home grown figs, dehydrated and soaked in a reduced balsamic vinegar.

For an early dinner mom and I made an orzo and pea salad with mint pesto. I baked a ham and we all sat down for dinner. Just after dinner it was about time for us to head back to Austin. It had rained all day and subsided long enough for us to have a clear trip home.

A relaxing weekend is always broken up by the sound of the alarm early on Monday morning. The rat race started again today.

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