House & bike shopping

I left work early on Friday and met with the guys at OnRamp for one of the final times to go over the migration of Wellness Works’ client websites. I came home and trimmed the bushes on the side of the house. Riley and I sat on the driveway and watched the pink and baby blue sunset in the west. While waiting for Elise to get home from work, I made a great eggplant lasagna. I played a little Halo 2 until Elise came home. We ate, watched TV and went to bed.

On Saturday we woke up to the sound of pouring rain. That was at 6 a.m. I thought “screw that” and fell back to sleep until around 9. Elise went to her Weight Watchers meeting and I drove over to donate some clothes to Goodwill and then to Bicycle Sport Shop where I was quickly and easily sold on a 2005 Specialized Hardrock Sport mountain bike. I played the “I have to consult my wife” card. I wanted to pick up the bike right then, take it home and ride it all day but curbed the impulse buy.

I met Elise back at the house and John, Christine and Jack showed up shortly after with lunch. John and Christine stopped at Central Market and picked up salads, sandwiches and beer and we all sat down for a great lunch. John and I went to the Barton Creek Apple store so John could try to swap out his Airport Express and have the old iBook serviced. The wait to see a ‘Genious’ was 3 hours. We left with Airport Express and iBook in hand. We went to Central Market and picked up ingredients for a deep sauteed coconut shrimp with a rich cream sauce that consisted of lime, cilantro, garlic, ginger, Amstel Light and butter.

While we were out, the girls were pricing houses in Circle C. We’ve been working on getting John and Christine to move to our neighborhood.

Elise and Christine tried to put Jack down for bed in our guest bedroom. Jack raised holy hell – so they had to hit the road so Jack could sleep in his bed at his house.

Later in the night Doug and Marcia came over for a visit. The Paul’s were in Austin from North Carolina because Doug has been interviewing all week with a local law firm. Hopefully they’ll be moving back down in January.

We got up early this morning and went for breakfast at The Big Kolache. The kolaches were okay. We agreed that Lone Star Kolaches is better. After breakfast we drove downtown to browse the 2005 Pecan Street Festival. We were in search of art for the house and after a few passes, we agreed on a watercolor print of the Tavern by Mary Doerr. The Tavern is where Elise and I had our first date.

The Tavern

After a couple hours of browsing we drove over to Tommy’s so we could check out the clubhouse where Elise will be catering Tommy’s graduation party the weekend after next.

We left Tommy’s and went to Academy to shop bikes for Elise. Then to Bicycle Sport Shop on 183. Then down south to find that Cothron’s is now closed. We finally headed home and Elise went to shop more houses for John and Christine. While she was house shopping, I made a great coffee rubbed smoked pork loin.

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