TiVo, DVR or a new VCR?

Our VCR crapped out on us tonight. I wanted to watch “American Chopper”. Elise wanted to watch the season premiere of “The Bachelor”.

Elise recorded “The Bachelor” while we watched “American Chopper”. After my show was over, we were going to watch her show. She went to rewind the video and both of our eyes widened when we heard a shriek and the sound of gears grinding. It was the VCR. We both tried ejecting the tape. No luck.

Elise said: “We need to get that TiVo thing so I can record my shows and don’t have to worry about this kind of $%!7.”

I grabbed a beer, the VCR and a screwdriver. I couldn’t fix the VCR. Next step: Salvage the tape. I took out every screw that I thought was holding the tape in the VCR. No luck. Out came the dremmel. I cut the tape out.

VCR surgery

Now the tape is out and we’re watch a most riveting first episode of “The Bachelor”. Now I have to figure out if we’re going to get 1) a new VCR on Ebay 2) pay monthly for TiVo or 3) buy a DVR that will record one channel while we’re watching another and is not subscription-based. I’m opting for the latter, if it exists.

VCR headed for the landfill tomorrow morning

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  1. This has nothing to do with Tivo, but I may be in Austin on Saturday. If you can Elise aren’t busy maybe we could visit for a little while. Let me know.

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