Making a recipe your own

“If you change three ingredients in a recipe, you can call it yours”

– Jeff Blank

I did just that when I made chicken enchiladas with a fiery Godiva mole. I’ve tried making mole in the past… not so good. It was so bad that my friend Victor couldn’t even eat it.

Mole is a complicated sauce that has endless varieties. I made mine with some awesome Sandia peppers that I picked up at the Austin hot sauce festival. I also used anchos, garlic, cumin, chili powder, cinnamon, brown sugar, jalapenos, carrots, celery, Godiva chocolate, Vidalia onions, tomatoes, yadah, yadah and a lot of love. The best enchiladas I think I’ve ever had (but I’m biased). The mole was spicier than I expected but Elise and I can handle the heat.

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