Getting ready for Christmas travel

I’m officially on vacation. It hasn’t set in yet but when it does, I’m taking full advantage.

This year Elise and I are traveling to the artic village known as Des Moines, Iowa to celebrate Christmas with Elise’s family. I was informed today that it is currently 1 degree in Des Moines. It’s supposed to be colder than 1 degree on Thursday when we arrive. Colder than 1 degree… how the hell is that possible?

I will pay someone to travel to Des Moines on my behalf. I love my in-laws and everything, but colder than 1 degree? That leaves me nothing but a 0 and then on to negative numbers. Life ceases to exist in those temperatures. I’m going to die.

For those who don’t know me, I hate cold weather. I can actually tolerate the cold weather. What I really hate is when it’s cold outside and you have to bundle up to go outside only to get to your inside destination where the heater is cranked and you’ve got 40 lbs. of cold weather clothes to lug around. That and the hot air from heaters and furnaces dries the hell out of my nose and makes for an itchy face.

So I have all day tomorrow off – in Texas. I’m going to make the most of it before I’m shipped off to my frozen grave.

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