Our 3rd Anniversary

Elise and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary on Wednesday. We came home from work late and had a late and excellent dinner at the Y Bar and Grill in Oak Hill. Elise had the Seared Ahi Tuna with a mango mustard sauce and wasabi mashed potatoes. I opted for the Grilled Duck Breast with a cilantro butter sauce and southern corn pudding. Both meals were excellent. Our waiter comped a 3rd anniversary chocolate glazed tiramisu.

We came home after dinner and exchanged gifts. I found a nice little boutique in Marble Falls that sells truffles that are made in Bandera – I picked up a 6-pack of random truffles for El. I also treated her to a spa package from Aziz Salon here in Austin.

Much to my surprise, Elise walked out to the Jeep and brought in a big box for your humble narrator. Long story short, she gave me an iBook G4. Pretty cool wife I have.

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