Losing sunglasses

So I was sick most of last week. I felt well enough on Friday morning to go into work. The day flew by as I had so much work to catch up on. That night Elise and I went to Tommy’s to watch Mike Tyson get the crap beaten out of him.

Elise, Tommy, Diego, Philip and I went tubing the Guadalupe.

  Note to self:
If you wear a pair of $300 prescription sunglasses while tubing the Guadalupe River, you will eventually lose them.

We also found out the hard way that if you show up to rent tubes after 3 p.m., you will only be allowed to float the river for a little over two hours – and you’ll still pay full price for tubes.

We all had a blast. We flipped each other out of our tubes. We stopped floating at one point so yours truly could borrow the guitar from a lady performing riverside. I played what I could remember of that one song about hunting in the woods and venereal diseases.

I also lost a cool hat that Diego let me borrow when I flipped out of my tube and lost my sunglasses. On the way back to Austin I lost the Lucy’s Retired Surfers Bar hat that I gave to Elise. That was the big bummer. That was the bar that Elise and I used to go to when we were in college. That was the bar where Elise first told me she loved me.

Before getting back to the house we stopped at HEB to buy fajita meat. I cooked for the crew and we stayed up for a few more hours. Philip headed downtown to meet up with some other friends. Fred went home. Tommy and Diego spent the night camped out on the couches.

On Sunday Elise and I went to lunch at Jazz on Sixth with Jim, Tammy, Theresa and James. Afterwards Elise and I went to Miguel Imports for something to liven up the house and pretty much found nothing. I’m sure we could have found something but it was something like 980 degrees outside so we decided to go home instead. We stayed in the rest of the afternoon, took it easy and enjoyed the AC.

On Monday morning I was able to determine how to feel better in the mornings. Get sleep. Yes – it took me many years of research. I’ve given myself a 10:30 p.m. curfew to be in bed. Tuesday night I accidentally stayed up until 11 but that’s still earlier than normal. I’ve been feeling a lot better this week.

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