Jewel song, McDonald’s novelty

Since I’ll soon be commuting to Marble Falls for work everyday, I’ve been riding the bicycle to the Austin office while I still can. I won’t have that luxury for much longer. I tried plugging the iPod into my computer this morning. iTunes didn’t recognize it. I’ve been listening to the same playlists for over a month. No new songs on the iPod. When I was approximated one mile from work, Morning Song by Jewel began playing. At this same time I began declining a slope in my route which allowed me to stop pedaling. I usually stand while riding a bike. I took in some of the morning air and took a gaze to my left. A non-descript bird was flying along side me. Keep in mind, a Jewel song is whispering sweet folk yodel in my ear. I look back at the bird. The bird looked at me. Jewel’s singing. The bird flew off. I thought to myself: “Man, I’m a goon”.

I read today that Wayport is putting wireless Internet in 8,000 McDonald’s. That’s good. Maybe people will spend more time in McDonald’s reading about bad carbs on their notebooks with free hi-speed Internet access. That’s one more reason for me to pinch pennies for the iBook fund. I used to hang out with a couple back in college. They liked McDonald’s. I remember one time the three of us were driving some place. The (then) new McDonald’s on Burleson and 71 had just been completed. The girl says: “Oh, sweety, we haven’t eaten at that McDonald’s yet”.

I thought that was funny. I’m more of a Dairy Queen man.

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