Stressful morning dreams

I had some weird dreams last night. In the first dream I was sitting in my office at work, in the dark. The next thing I know, a SWAT team is inside the office. There are probably ten men with M-16 rifles, all wearing black and wearing night vision goggles. I’m petrified because I’m thinking they’re after me for something. One slowly approaches me. I put my hands up very slowly to find that I’m holding a large, half-rotten red apple in my hand. The soldier emits some reassurance via telepathy and I then know that I’m not the one they’re looking for. From my chair I watch as the rest of the team scan the tiny little closet where we have our paper, laser printer and microwave. The reassuring soldier points his gun to the ceiling in my office at what looks like a smoke detector.

I woke up.

I had a hard time falling back to sleep because I kept thinking the blinds would start their glow. Our bedroom window faces northeast and in the mornings the blinds “glow” when the sun rises. When this happens, I know it’s only minutes before my alarm sounds. I peeked and the blinds were nowhere near glowing. I didn’t want to look at the clock because when I do, that just prolongs my falling back to sleep because I begin thinking: “It’s 5:27, my alarm is going go off in one hour and eight minutes. No, it’s one hour and seven minutes. Let’s see… what’s five plus seven?… carry the one…”

So I shoved my face back into my pillow and tried to sit still and fall back to sleep. I was sweating. I was hot. The cat came and licked my nose. I was frustrated. I finally fell back to sleep only to be awaken by a very short-lived dream where a part human, part demon entity broke into our house, creepily walked into our bedroom and mangled my arms with a knife.

I couldn’t fall asleep after that because I was paranoid that someone was going to break into our house. I thought about having our security system turned on and monitored. This is a service we opted out of when we bought the house. The security system is installed, we just don’t pay to have it monitored. I then thought about how heavy of a sleeper I am. Should someone break in, would I even hear it? And if I did, I have a baseball bat and a 12-guage shotgun in the closet – would I be able to get to either one of them in time? Elise doesn’t like to have the gun loaded in the house, so would I have enough time to put shells in the gun? That would make noise so the infiltrator would be able to find us quicker by following the sounds of my fumbling fingers.

The cat licked me on the nose again. I was tempted to see just how fast I could load the shotgun. Elise probably would have gotten mad at me for waking her up that early in the morning to shoot the damn cat with a shotgun and close range. Riley understood my frustration and hopped off the bed.

I didn’t sleep for the rest of the morning.

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