XP and iPod woes

I’ve been using a Windows-based PC for 10+ years now. I can now professionally answer the question: Why do you prefer a PC over a Mac (or any operating system)? The answer is simple. When you use a Windows computer, you easily learn to never become too attached to anything that is 1) binary and 2) important to you.

My computer wasn’t able to see the iPod for a couple weeks. I called Apple Care on Saturday morning. After an hour, the issue wasn’t resolved. I was told to go to CompUSA to see if they could troubleshoot it there. I spent almost two hours at CompUSA on Saturday evening. It was determined that the iPod does work and is recognized by a computer running XP.

Elise and I went home and I was bound and determined to get my computer to recognize the iPod. To spare you an explicit reenactment and technical obscurities, I reinstalled Windows XP. That didn’t work how I had planned. I left my computer alone for the rest of the evening and started on it again early Sunday. I had to reformat my C: drive. That wiped out all of my programs and Elise’s and my e-mails. I told Elise what had to be done in the name of the iPod and she shrugged it off. We both had files on the computer that we would have liked to have kept. We’ve adopted and ideology to not become attached to anything on the computer. If it’s really needed, I burn it to a CD – If my computer will let me burn a CD.

Waiting on an iBook.

April Fools joke

  Note to self:
Telling wife that you lost your job as a hilarious April Fools joke and then camping out at neighborhood restaurant with coworker for a significant part of the evening is not seen as funny by wife.

True friend

This makes me think of Philip and me:

A good friend will come and bail you out of jail… but, a true friend will be sitting next to you saying, “Damn … that was fun!”

No mom, I’ve never been in jail.