Hitting snooze

I’m not going to name names, but Elise is a full-blown snooze hitter. I’m definitely in one of those opposites attract marriages – my wife snoozes, I don’t. When the alarm sounds, I’m up. If I know that I’m going to want to sleep a little extra in the morning, I’ll reset my alarm the night before to allow myself just enough time to get up, shower, get dressed and make it to work [almost] on time. Due to my loving wife’s snooze abuse, I’ve had to wake up ten extra times this week. Shouldn’t I get some kind of reward for that? I mean, where’s my Spring Break? I’ve already woken up early for two weeks of work. Where’s my ticket to Cabo?

I cannot grasp the concept of snoozing. You’re granted 9 extra minutes of “sleep” by the digital demon. I don’t see how my wife can fall back to sleep in less than 9 minutes. If I were a snooze hitter, I would sit in bed, waiting for the alarm to sound again.

I’m not condemning my wife or her sleep patterns. Only once has she mentioned my subtle Angela Lansbury utterances while in deep sleep.

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