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Sorry for the lack of posts. Elise and I have been busy. By busy I mean we’re buying a house. By busy buying a house I mean signing multiple copies of amendments to addendums and initialling documents that contain words like “notwithstanding” and “kiss all recreational money goodbye”. The process is not 100% complete as of yet, but on paper there is a contract pending. That basically means that our offer has been accepted and the sellers are dealing with us exclusively. We’re having the hardwood floors looked at and are getting an estimate on repairs tomorrow. There are a few panels that aren’t tacked down to the foundation.

We had the house inspected yesterday. The inspector was really impressed with the condition of the house. Aside from some minor fixes, we’re getting a good deal on a home that will require minimal maintenance.

Here’s the general info:

approximately 2,100 sq. ft.
1 story
4 bedrooms (one being an office)
formal dining
living room
2 full bathrooms
living, dining and hallways are hardwood floors
kitchen/fireplace slate tile

We both feel as if we got a good deal on the house and are locked into a pretty good interest rate. We really want to paint the interior of the house. The current owners have an interesting taste in colors – definitely not our taste though. Elise and are thinking about a coffee color-based swatch. Another issue is a deck. We’re going to need a deck. There is a back patio, but not large enough to entertain or even to have the both of us out there hanging out. I have a feeling Home Depot is going to get sick of us.

Our closing date is on or before January 29.

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