Lobbed finger, fried chicken, venison backstrap filets

This past weekend was relatively uneventful for yours truly. Elise worked all weekend and I caught up on some sitting around and doing absolutely nothing. This was due mainly to the weather being near freezing on Saturday. Today it is 70+ degrees outside. Texas.

I started working on the 2003 Janicek Christmas newsletter on Friday night while I was waiting for my laundry to finish. After a couple hours of writing, deleting everything that I wrote, writing, deleting and so on, I decided to better myself by watching TV and then going to bed.

I woke up shortly after 7 a.m. on Saturday morning and cooked breakfast. While dicing a potato, I lobbed off the tip of my ring finger on my left hand with my . It was weird – I couldn’t feel it happen but I could hear it. It was kind of a crunching sound. Pretty gross, actually. Like I said, it was just the tip, so it’ll grow back.

After that tragic accident, I decided that life was too short and I could die at any moment. I then mustered some wit and started again on the newsletter. I’m almost half way done wihttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifth it now.

I took a nap and watched TV. I went onto the balcony and watched the cats watch cars.

After all of that excitement, I decided to fry some chicken. Best damn fried chicken I’ve ever made. Of course, I don’t think I’ve ever made fried chicken before. Not quite satisfied I decided to bake some brownies from scratch. I’ve had a fear of baking that I decided to overcome. I’d say it went over well.

I watched another bad episode of Saturday Night Live. Elise came home, we talked about her work and went to bed.

On Sunday Elise and I woke up at the same time. Elise went to work. I went to the couch. I watched a little football, Suze Orman on KLRU and that pretty much knocked me out. I conked out on the couch which is very rare for me.

I had been thawing a venison backstrap in the refrigerator since Friday and decided that it needed to be cooked. I ran to the grocery store for needed ingredients. I soaked 4 3-inch filets in merlot for almost 5 hours, wrapped them in bacon, skewered them, grilled them to crust the sides and threw them in the oven for 15 minutes. I then made a sauce out of the juice of an orange and a lemon, 3 chipotles and butter. I threw the steaks on top of a bed of garlic and oil couscous and topped it all with the sauce. Pretty good. I overcooked Elise’s steak because she’s not much of the bloody meat fan. Hers was a little chewy. Mine was awesome.

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