Labor Day weekend 2003

Although I don’t have much time to write recently, I find it necessary because I have a bad memory. I just had to call Elise to have her tell me what I did on Friday night. Nothing.

Elise worked all weekend so I had to fend for myself. Tommy came over late Saturday afternoon and we played PS2. Philip came over later in the evening to join us in our SSX Tricky tournament.

I woke up too early on Sunday and went for a long overdue ride down Lime Creek Road on the trusty Shadow. I got home in time to have Tommy pick me up to go to the grocery store and then to John and Christine’s.

We all hung out by the pool. I eventually made spinach artichoke dip and Shrimp Diablo. After dinner we all went to Tommy’s place to watch UT narrowly defeat New Mexico State. After the game we all went to some bar in north Austin to sing karaoke. The karaoke part never happened because 1) the people singing karaoke were apparently practicing for American Idol auditions and 2) Josh woke up too early that morning and it was time to sleep.

John called us on Monday morning and invited us to breakfast. He made eggs, venison sausage, bacon and toast for Christine, Elise, Michelle and me. After breakfast (at 12:30 p.m.) we went to the movie theater to see American Wedding. Funny movie.

John ran to Target to buy The Lord of the Ring: The Two Towers. So we went back to John and Christine’s place to watch another movie. Tommy came over later in the afternoon. Michelle went home to get her dogs and to bring back food. I cooked hamburgers for everyone, courtesy of Michelle.

Three fifths of us fell asleep during the movie. Having just eaten large hamburgers probably contributed to that. Elise and I went home around midnight.

All-in-all, it was a nice, relaxing weekend.

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