Rained on, Kicking a girl in the face

It’s been a long week. The boss is in England so I’ve been very busy at work (you’d think it would be the complete opposite). On Tuesday I was treated to a fajita lunch at El Arroyo by my wife, El Directoro de Cateringo. I hung out with Harold on Wednesday. Usually I take the Jeep so he and I can go someplace. This time Elise had the Jeep so I had to ride the trusty Shadow to Harold’s house. We played basketball in his driveway and I showed him how a motorcycle works. I had to cut our visit short because the skies turned black and I knew I needed to get back home eventually. I was rained on on the way home. If you’ve ever ridden a motorcycle in the rain, even during a light sprinkle, you know the pain. A SUV drove up beside me and gave me a couple gentle honks. I looked over and the passenger, a girl who I would guess was the same age me, gave me a kindly, sympathetic wave as she stuck out her bottom lip. I smiled and nodded. That sympathy made me feel a little better.

I kicked a girl in the nose while sparring in Tae Kwon Do class last night. I don’t say that because I’m proud. We ended class early so we could all huddle around her and watch while she dabbed the blood with a paper towel and listen to yours truly repeatedly say “I am soooooooo sorry”. It really was an accident. It was one of those foot-and-face-meet-each-other-because-they-were-traveling-towards-each-other type things. She lunged as I was kicking. I felt really bad. I apologized profusely.

That’s pretty much what’s been going on recently.

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