Round Rock Express, wheel shopping

Elise and I took John to the Round Rock Express game on Friday night. The weather was really nice and the park was quite impressive (I’m not really a baseball fan). We really didn’t watch much of the game. We sat and talked and laughed at John while he spilled Buffalo wing crumbs on the guy sitting in front of us.

After the game, we took John home and Elise and I caught up with the remnants of a bachelor party. We met up with the boys at Club Austin, then we trekked all the way to Fado, then finally to Katz’s for a late night dinner.

We began shopping for new wheels and tires for the Jeep on Saturday. That took pretty much most of the day. We’re going to beef the Jeep up with 32″ tires. For dinner, I cooked the elk tenderloin filets that had been marinating for the past couple days. I really undercooked them, so that kind of hosed the meal. I had made garlic and rosemary mashed potatoes, but they were cold by the time the elk was done. Wow – the elk was awesome!!! Very tender, very flavorful. Definitely going on my menu whenever I own my own restaurant. I want to try ostrich and antelope next. After dinner, Elise and I went over to Tommy’s to watch boxing.

We slept in on Sunday. I woke up in time to make a grilled salmon salad for lunch. Veggies, grilled salmon and a raspberry vinaigrette. We were homebodies most of the day. We did make a special trip down Barton Springs so we could buy two 90 cent frozen custards at Sandy’s.

We decided to splurge last night and bought tickets to the upcoming Aerosmith/Kiss concert.

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